Guitar, bass, lead & background vocals, specializing in producing, sequencing, songwriting and arranging. Jaymes has been performing and touring worldwide since 1969.  Over the years he has been involved in both secular and gospel music.



In the early 70's he became a founding member of the gospel group "Psalm 150", playing soulful rhythm and blues gospel music. This group helped pioneer the way for "non-traditional" gospel music to be accepted and performed in Calvary Chapels and other contemporary Christian churches of the day.


Bassist/vocalist with Grammy Award Winner and World Renowned Gospel Artist Andrae Crouch and the Disciples.  Traveled and performed worldwide at such places as Carnegie Hall, New York, Albert Hall, London, Hollywood Bowl; As a member James received the Grammy Award for the "Best Soul Gospel Album" in a Contemporary category in 1978 for "Live in London" album. 


Recorded solo album on Light Records entitled "White as Snow,"  Toured with own group, "The Jaymes Felix Band" promoting the gospel album nationwide.


Toured as lead singer with the group "Tower of Power' and a highlight  was a Super Bowl Pre-Party for the San Francisco 49'ers.

Co-wrote and sang lead vocals on  4 song,  "Dream Come True" by Karizma, a Los Angeles based jazz group led by David Garfield. Jaymes also co-wrote songs for their 2nd album and one was performed by artist, Phil Perry and used on his own album.


Bassist/vocalist with contemporary Christian artist Darrell Mansfield, including a tour to Hawaii, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.


Co-wrote and arranged 1st album (for at that time) RCA recording artist, Bobby Ross Avila, who toured with The New Kids on the Block that year.  Co-wrote and arranged songs for 2nd album demo.


- Guitarist/background vocalist for Bryan Duncan, a contemporary Christian artist, Played for “Slow Revival Tour” across the U.S. with fellow Christian artists Bob Carlisle and Rebecca St. James.  Co-wrote “United We Stand” which was used as a theme for the tour and is seen in a video of their live concert from a previous tour at the annual Flevo Gospel Festival in Amsterdam.  The group returned to Holland for another festival the 26-29 of October, 1995. 

- Participated in the “Blue Skies” tour in 1997 and also co-wrote song from that album, “Joy is a Singable Thing”.  Also co-wrote “Bryan’s Hymn – When I turn to you”.

- Toured in the Spring of 1997 as guitarist for Bryan Duncan, Crystal Lewis and Anointed on the BIG VOICE tour.


Guest vocalist for Maranatha’s Acappella Praise II 1993 album project


Background/lead vocals on Promise Keepers'  "Raise the Standard" project, Part I and II, which won a '95 Dove Award.

Producer, songwriter, arranger - “Redeeming the Time” CD for contemporary Christian artist Dean Mills


- Guest guitarist on “Come just as you are - Harvest of Praise” Album, Harvest Christian Fellowship

- Performed playing bass/guitar at Andrae Crouch and the Disciples reunion concert, Sept 24th.  This was a weekend long celebration of Andrae's ordination at Christ Memorial Church in the San Fernando Valley.  Upon request, Jaymes performed his vocal solo, We Expect You, off of the Grammy Award winning album Live in London.  The event was taped by the Trinity Broadcast Network.

- Producer/Arranger “For Such a Time as This” CD by new contemporary Christian group, Reign of Soul on Jasper Records


- Vocal arrangements and background vocals on Darrell Mansfield’s  The Lord’s House album, A Tribute to Reverend Dan Smith.

- Guest vocalist for Maranatha's 'Making of a Godly Man' project to coincide with the '97 Promise Keepers Events.

- Guest vocalist for Maranatha's 'ONE VOICE' Men's Gospel Choir album


- Team member and guitarist for Promise Keepers events in Seattle, Fresno, Minneapolis and Cincinnati.

- Producer/Arranger, "It's all about love" by contemporary Christian Artist, GINA on N-Soul Records


- Collaborated with writers/producers from CRUSADE, a subsidiary of Stephen Spielberg's, Dreamworks Co. on assorted projects.

- Provided background and lead vocals for Christian Salsa project for Producer Scott Smith and records company from Ecuador.

- Produced/arranged and Co-Wrote, rhythm and blues project for Gospel artist, Darrell Mansfield call SOULED OUT, released on Ocean Records.

- Continued as guitarist/bassist for Contemporary Christian Artist, Bryan Duncan

- Continued performing with own group, Delaney, Jaymes and Stevie E. 


- Background vocals on Christmas album by Andrae Crouch produced by Scott Smith and Ralph Carmichael

- Production of contemporary Christian Artist, Dean Mills 2nd album 

- Continued and toured as BASSIST for contemporary Christian artist, Bryan Duncan 

- Continued performing with own group “Delaney, Jaymes and Stevie E. Band.”  


- Collaborating as songwriter and producer with Maranatha Music on various contemporary Christian projects 

- Continued performing with own group “Delaney, Jaymes and Stevie E. Band.”  


Producing Latin contemporary gospel artist, “Julian’s”, 2nd album at BNGG Studios 

- Produced “Unbroken Spirits” project, a group of local children who wanted to do their part for the families of the victims of 9-11 in NY and Washington, D.C.

- Continued performing with own group “Delaney, Jaymes and Stevie E. Band.”   


Produced “You’re Worthy of My Praise” track on latest Promise Keepers Project entitled “Live Worship” 

- Background Vocals on Andrae Crouch’s newest project, July 2002. 

- Guest bass player with Nashville Recording Artist, Shawn Jones, summer of 2002 and holiday tour in California. 

- Background vocals on Crystal Lewis’ Christmas Album, “Holy, Holy, Holy” 

- Completed “Through his Eyes” by contemporary gospel artist, “Julian”, BNGG Studios, Riverside. 

- Continued performing with own group “Delaney, Jaymes and Stevie E. Band.”  


Member, Andrae Crouch Singers who performed on Ray Charles' last and final album, Genius and Friends.

- Continued performing with own group “Delaney, Jaymes and Stevie E. Band.”   


- Jaymes continues to produce small projects

- Performs regularly with his wife, vocalist, Delaney and their group which features Saxophonist Glen Myerscough and Percussionist Dio Saucedo. 

- Musical Director for R3 Church in North Fontana. 2012- May 2020