I have a unique perspective when it comes to Jaymes.  In the mid to late 70's Jaymes was playing in a band called Psalm 150.  This was no ordinary band.  The level of musicianship in the this band / ministry was at a level all it's own and second to none one.  I had gone on occasion to hear them play and was never less than blown away.  I was only 17 years old at the time when I worked up enough courage to approach them after a concert they had done at the (then) Melodyland Theater in Orange County, CA.  Clad with my acoustic guitar in hand, I was hoping to be heard by these guys.  After playing and singing a song for them I was thrilled when I later learned that Jaymes thought that I could actually make the cut.  Long story short, I wound up living communally with the guys in a band house in Orange County. Now... to Jaymes.  This man was so amazing as a singer, bass and guitar player that I, along with everyone else who ever made contact with him, wanted to learn from him, play and sing like him.  I absorbed him like a sponge and, although I never was able to do what he was able to do, to this very day I am a better singer and musician simply because of what I absorbed from Jaymes all those years ago, as a young aspiring musician.  To this day, that was STILL the most musically influential time of my life.  And you know, to this day I'm not sure I ever thanked Jaymes for being such an influence on my musical life.  So best I do it now. Thank you Jaymes.  You have no idea. ”

— Bob Carlisle, Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist and Songwriter

Many of us who have been around the deep musical heritage of Gospel and soul music owe a great debt to Jaymes Felix as a major inspiration. Watching him play and sing with Psalm 150 was how those of us who had ‘ears to hear’ learned about true soul and groove. He was a major force with Andre Crouch and the Disciples, and even fronted the legendary Tower of Power. He has always been a humbly gifted man who used his astounding gifts in support of others. Never one to hype his own contributions, he particularly excels at turning the spotlight toward Jesus. Listen to his recordings and / or go hear him in person. Then you’ll understand.”

— Randy Thomas, Grammy Award–Winning songwriter (Butterfly Kisses). Guitarist w/Shania Twain, Sweet Comfort Band, ALLIES

Precious Brother Jaymes, We've had the opportunity to work together in both live settings and live recordings.  Brian Duncan, Andre Crouch, Scott Smith & Debbie McClendon come to mind and Jaymes, you bring QUALITY, EXCELLENT, TASTY FUNK to the table every time.  However, who you are supercedes what you do brother.  You're a man after God's heart, a loving husband, proud father and a good friend.  Spending the last 5 years playing together on a worship team at the Packinghouse in Redlands has been an honor and blessed my heart to boot. My only complaint is you're too easy to get along with-;) Straight ahead and strive for tone my friend. Your friend on the Potter's wheel.”

— Kim Hutchcroft

Jaymes Felix is without question one of the most gifted musicians I know. I would not have a career as a recording artist without his incredible skill set as a producer, vocalist, musician and friend! I could go on and on and on! :-) ”

— Dean Mills (Gospel Singer/Saxophonist)

Jaymes Felix is the best way from Point A to Point B in all things recorded or "live" that I know of.”

— Bryan Duncan, Contemporary Gospel Recording Artis

One of music's vibrant and important voices. Mentored by Andrea Crouch, Jaymes infuses all his projects with a rich and profound legacy of experiences that immediately resonate with the listener and inspire the heart!”

— Little Willie G. (Little Willie G. Ministries & lead vocalist, "Thee Midnighters"